“Who carried my phone?” My day had gone well not until I returned from the shopping mall and couldn’t find my phone where I kept it.
By Mfoniso Ene
“Who carried my phone?”
My day had gone well not until I returned from the shopping mall and couldn’t find my phone where I kept it.There was no possible way the phone could have vanished because Spirits don’t operate during the day.Besides,they were no kids and it only meant one thing.That my husband had carried it.
James seems to be infected with insecurity,an illness he has refused to recover from.I knew he wouldn’t hesitate to go through my chats on all my social media handles.He won’t also forget to read meaning into innocent conversations.He warned me to quit social media that only married men are authorised to be active and I wondered who gave him the legal backing.
I went to the kitchen to unpack the things I bought for the weekend before heading to the bedroom to undress.Only to meet James sitting on the bed with my phone,obviously going through my chats. When he saw me,he starred at me like an assassin who finally meets the target he is sent to delete.I prepared to endure his usual outburst which leads to beatings.
The reason for my husband’s anger was because of a message he saw from my business partner.Right from onset,James didn’t want me holding on to my job.He was among the men who didn’t believe a woman should participate in certain things.To him,her rightful place was in the kitchen and his bedroom.
The message from my business partner wasn’t a long one.The young man just appreciated me for giving  him a ride to the office and said he was looking forward to the dinner we will have with our perspective business counterpart.
It could have been better if he had stopped there,but the guy went further to say he admires my business initiatives and dedication to work.This message meant alot of things to James.
Something like”next time can you stop by my house? I admire you and want you in bed. You rode the car perfectly well, I’m sure you will ride me to ecstasy next we see.”
James started walking towards me and I knew there was no need to run.I just waited as a prey for my attacker to devour me without a fight.For even if there was,it was certain I won’t win.So the beating began.I didn’t care about the physical pains but what hurt me most was the mental pain I keep going through.
The hurt I feel when I remember my vows,when I swore to stay”for better or for worse.”The pain that occupies a place in my life as I wonder how long I will have to stay in this thing called marriage all because it is believed that no matter how bad it goes,a woman should keep her home!
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