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Let our oh-so-lovely team editor, proofread, designer help bring your book to life. come meet them.

Quilera provide you with the best platform to read and share your stories.

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Quilera is a global community for reading and writing stories. Short stories, poetry, fantasy, science fiction, fanfiction, or classic books - you will find thousands of them on Quilera

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Whether you are commuting or at home, whether you are into short stories or addictive serials: you can find them all on Sweek. Your reading progress is always saved.

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Write and publish your stories in just a few steps, wherever you are. Join Sweek writing competitions to Build your fan base and get feedback from your readers.

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Become a part of the story - give feedback to the author in comments or message them directly. Share your favorite stories with your friends!

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Become a part of the story - give feedback to the author in comments or message them directly. Share your favorite stories with your friends!

Home Of Captivating Tales

Founded on 5th December 2020 by Udemeobong Effiong Udoeyop, Quilera is a platform where writers can share their stories, interact in the Quilera community.

Readers are also served with captivating stories put up by these writers.

On Quilera, we want the best for writers so we have a team of professional book editors and cover designers who are ready to work with writers at very reasonable and flexible rates.

Below are all the features of Quilera:

1. THE QUILERA LIBRARY: Here you can find all the stories you’ve enjoyed and added to your library and read them at no cost and at any time.

2. THE WRITER’S DASHBOARD: Here writers create new stories, view their followers, notifications and stories they’ve created over time.

3. THE QUILERA WORKSHOP: This is where all the work goes down. Here our professional editors and cover designers take requests and work with writers when contacted.

4. THE QUILERA BLOG: This is where we put out amazing tips that help amateur writers become better.

5. THE QUILERA TOP TEN BILLBOARD: Top ten best stories on Quilera are showcased on this billboard.

6. THE QUILERA COMMUNITY: Here writers and readers interact with each other, share ideas, get reviews and do so many other things.

7. THE QUILERA MONTHLY CONTESTS: Where monthly contests take place. These contests help groom writers into better writers.

HOW TO GET STARTED : Head over to Quilera by simply typing in www.quilera.com into your browser or simply click on the above outstanding text. Create an account by clicking on the profile element on the top right corner of the website. Log into your account by providing the details you put in while creating your account. Explore the site if you want. If you are a reader, click on any story that catches your attention, scroll down to the end add it to your library and subscribe to it to get notified whenever the story is updated. If you are a writer, click on ‘Write Stories’ which will be on the menu bar which is on the top left corner. Join the community if you’re interested in interacting with others and have fun! Please do ensure you read through our community guidelines.