“People leave, but memories don’t”. 


Song: Memories- Maroon 5

“People leave, but memories don’t”.

I gripped the seat belt harder as we passed the place, the place that held so many memories.

“Dad, I think someone’s following us!”  yelled as I turned to get a better look at the man who had been following us for some time now. At first, I thought it was just a coincidence but when we came to a stop and walked out, he stopped too and pulled out something I couldn’t see clearly. “What’s the…” My dad was cut off by a bullet that made its way to his forehead and while my mum panicked, she was also shot. They both fell limp before me.

I don’t think anything could be more traumatic.

Flashback ends.

“Jenny? Are you here?” She asked, bringing me out of my world of thoughts.
“Yes, sure, um you were talking about getting Anna some shoes” I scratched my neck.

“I said that a long time ago Jenny, what’s wrong?” She asked, for some reason, I didn’t just wanna confide in anyone.

I wanted to face my demons, myself. I turned my attention to the road, cars overtook us as my aunt preferred driving like a snail.

I shook my head, I can’t let anyone pity me, I don’t want them to care.
I got out of the car into her large mansion.
My parents were quite average and simple but Aunt Magdalene was always the wealthy one.

“Can you please go into your room, you disgust me” Anna glared at me, disgust aligning her features. Unfortunately, she’s my cousin.

What’s her pain?

Unlike her mum, she just has this dislike or maybe hatred for me.

I felt like an intruder in their home, I couldn’t just talk back or argue.

I walked to my room and started making some drawings of what looked like a clear sky with a dark cloud.

Song- Demons by Imagine Dragons

I had dinner and went to bed.


I woke up panting, sweat beads rolling down my chest.

It was the same as usual, nightmares about the day my parents died. I wiped the sweats off and took a shower. It was already morning, so I went down to make breakfast for everyone.

I dressed up in a baggy black top along with a blue jean trouser and began my walk to school.

I passed the usual buildings and Old Banny’s coffee shop not forgetting to say hello to him.
“Ahah, Jenny! Would you like a cup? He had weird ways of making conversations.
” Thanks, Banny, I already had one at home, I should get going!” I yelled hoping off.

He isn’t family but not only blood binds. Right?

He always tells me ‘If life doesn’t give you what you want, recycle what you have’.

I smiled as I got to school. No one except the security men were at school.

I got to a seat, which has been mine for a year now. I brought out my sketch pad, I made random sketches as people strolled into the class.

I had music now. I made my way to the class,
“Today, we’ll be working on this piece” Our teacher waved some paper. Music happens to be my worst subject now.

When my parents were alive, they made me learn how to play a guitar but I’ve just lost interest.

I kinda zoned off as I was walking through the corridors as I walked into a locker.
Most people laughed while some just stood there watching me.

I groaned from the embarrassment and got up.

“Are you okay?” A cool male voice asked and I swerved obviously shocked that someone cares.

Michael Evans was standing before me in his glory. He hung out with the jocks but he’s a tinny weeny bit better.

“Wanna hang out later?” He asked, lowering his gaze to meet mine.

“I’ll be busy at home, sorry” I said strolling off. If Anna finds out I’m hanging out with a guy, she’ll go frame up something to tell her mum. I wasn’t ready for any trouble.

The rest of my classes went by quickly and I was on my way home.

I stopped by at Old Banny’s shop and had ‘a cup’. As I about to go meet Mr. Banny, I spotted a very familiar face.

Michael Evans again!

No one from my school ever shows up here because they think it’s old and low classed.
He started walking up to me.
“Hey Jenny!” He greeted, I tried to hide my amazement as the sun illuminated his blonde hair making it shine and his cream brown eyes twinkled matching with his brown shorts.

“Um hi,” I said obviously shy as Mr. Banny cut in
“Lad! Would you like a cup?” He asked Michael, coming to my rescue.
Michael took the cup and surprisingly sat across my table.

Can’t he get the hint?

“Come on, I noticed nobody really talks to you. I don’t mind being the first.” He explained, something made me wanna confide in him.

Can I trust him?

“We’ll talk tomorrow at school, I’m in most of your classes,” I told him as I walked out of the shop.

Smiling to myself as I got home.

I cleaned up my room and decided to go talk to Anna.
Maybe we could set things straight.

“Hi, Anna” I was afraid of taking a sit on her bed so I just stood.

“What do you want?” She put me off completely, she’s always so rude to me.
What have I ever done to her?

“Um n-nothing i-i just wanted to tell you dinner’s ready” I exited her room as fast as my legs could carry me.
If she’s not ready to reconcile, I can’t force her to.

We had pasta for dinner.
“Girls! Would you like to go shopping tomorrow?” My aunt asked oblivious of our inability to relate as normal cousins.

The rest of the dinner was quite quiet and I went to bed immediately after.
I walked to my locker and got out some books I’ll need for the day.

“Hey, new friend!” Michael’s voice boomed through the corridor making my grip on my bag stronger. I wasn’t used to having unnecessary attention drawn to myself.

“Hi, Mike” I grinned as he pulled me into a weird hug. Michael and I walked hand in hand to our classes earning stares and murmurs from most people but for a moment I didn’t care.

I was just excited that I had someone I could talk to. Michael told me he lost his dad when he was five.

I told him about my predicament and he’s the only person who hasn’t shown some kind of pity.
That’s what I wanted.

“We both have our problems I guess” he said with a small smile.
“Besides, I’m gonna be hosting a party for my birthday tomorrow, you can come if you want” he continued, I’ve never been to a high school party, to be honest.
“I’ll try” I answered as the bell went off.

I made my way home and started thinking of how I’m gonna convince my aunt to let me go.

I finally got my aunt to let me go.

I dressed in a knee-length blue gown. I wore a blue wedge as I took the next cab to the address Michael gave me.

Loud music boomed through the yard, teenagers grinding on each other, others getting drunk. I wonder where I’ll fit in.

“Hey Jenny! You came!” Mike yelled, surprise lacing his features.

“Yeah” I smiled awkwardly,
“I’ll show you around” he said, taking me to his game room first.
“Wow!” I exclaimed as I took in the features of the room, it had nice grey walls. It was beautiful!

“It’s pretty big” he said and I noticed him staring from my peripheral vision.

“What?” I asked, holding his eyes
“You look great” he said leaning in and placing his lips on mine just before someone cleared her throat.
We pulled apart and Anna glared holes into my head.

I didn’t even know she was coming to the party.

I gave Mike an apologetic smile and made my way out of his party. I admired the way the trees danced as the wind blew, the sky was dark but there was a beautiful full moon smiling down at me.

It made me feel happy.
Someday I’ll genuinely be happy.

I heard a car honk from behind me and a very furious Anna came down from the cab.

“What do you think you are doing?” She asked coming closer as I took a step back.

“What?” I asked. Was she angry I was making out or she thought I’ve been having affairs with boys?
I was confused.

“What? first, you took my mum away from me, now you wanna take him!” She yelled. For once I was taken aback, him? last I checked Michael Evans didn’t have a girlfriend, what’s she talking about?.

“You must be getting this wrong, I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about” I tried explaining but her palm came right to my face.

I can be very timid but I can’t let some girl who’s my mate slap me for what I have no idea about.

I was about to reciprocate the gesture when a voice interrupted,

“Show’s over girls” the very familiar voice said.

To be continued….
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