What is depression?
DEPRESSION By Stephanie Nkem
Instagram at 3069stephanie
A friend to Many
Yet, an Enemy
Or should I, Frenemy!
In search of brides to Marry
Comes like a theif at Night
Stays for a long unmerry period like a Knight
Draining your every energy with it’s Might
Only a few courageous ones wins the Fight
Like a beast, it pounces with no Remorse
When dealt with, produces a two-faced Result
Why make the feel give you a harsh Retort?!
Ends up even the more Worse
Cold and lifeless he Lays
Unable to allay his Dismay
How on Earth did he play
And made so cheaply for death a Way?!
Found dangling on a tree’s Branch
Flying free death’s Stench
Satisfactorily, his counterpart gives a Belch
Paying him a reward; his soul on a Bench.
It comes with no intentions than to Kill
No sparing a glance at the Gee
And then locks his soul with a Key
Taking it along with him in a Flee.
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