Growing up had been fun,terrible and sorrowful.
By Mfoniso Ene
Growing up had been fun,terrible and sorrowful.All in one piece.
I never really enjoyed life as a child.Didnt play certain kinds of plays that kids do,except the normal cooking show with sand.
Till date,i still play weird stuffs which gets me wondering if I’m normal but I quickly console my self that I didn’t play enough when I was much younger.Well,who cares? As long as I perform my madness in the absence of nobody.
As at then,50 cents was really bursting the brains of all the young people.Naira Marley is still learning work sha.Almost every youth took to the street with the dressing code of a big polo over a jumbo size short.It was accompanied with a pathetic walking step.As expected,i joined the trend,how could I be left behind?Unfortunately,the dressing sense died down but the walking step lived on with me earning me the name”bouncer.”
Now to my story.I was a Tom boy but still desired the earthly features of a young girl.So I started praying for massive boobs.Yes,dont look at me like that!
I prayed daily for hours,small remain I for the take fasting cus of booby.I couldn’t wait to start wearing bra of size 50.I needed to feel like a sisi,having some kind of round soft flesh in front.The kind that will block my sight talk less of the beholder.Little did I know that it will end in tears.
My prayers became answered and my boobs began to blossom bringing out its beautiful pointed petals.I was enjoying the whole feeling and so to quicken the growth process,i usually put a blanket in my polo as my dream boobs.I had a vision and so I worked towards it.Shebi they said faith without works is dead?
One hot afternoon while I was still celebrating the answer to my prayer,my mum called me into her room.I went in and sat on the bed.The way she starred at me was scary and I got uncomfortable.
The next question hit me.”Who is touching your breast?”
Obara Jesus,what is this woman talking about na,the question just weak me die.
“Mummy nobody”I answered smiling with the best of my ability.I saw her get up and grab the bundle of cane behind the door.I realised the woman wasn’t joking with me.”You don’t want to say the truth abi?I am asking you for the last time.Who is touching your breast? is it ID?”
People of God,cry hook me for throat,i didn’t know how to start explaining how my miracle breast came about.
It was the grace of God that helped me answer questions.It was then I understood what this show”who wants to be a millionaire” felt like.Only difference was that mine wasn’t about getting money but beatings.How I escaped being flogged that day because of having a virgin up coming breast is what I don’t remember.
When I left her room,i jejely went on my knees and asked God to take back the boobs.Since someone can’t have breast in peace again.Seems my village people swore that I won’t be a hot akara.Since then,na so my breast de stand still.E no gree grow again.But I still get hope sha.God no co shame me!
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