I had gone to bed as early as 8pm but was woken by a nightmare something I had been experiencing since the day I got engaged.
I had gone to bed as early as 8pm
but was woken by a nightmare
something I had been experiencing since the day I got engaged.
I sprinkled the anointing oil
the Pastor gave around the room
and rubbed some on my body.
I returned to bed
yet sleep didn’t show up
instead,restlessness did.
It was a week since James
my fiance proposed
and i had been having a strange
feeling of death lurking around.
Turning towards where the clock was
I saw a shadow
standing at the door
backing me.
It was him
right there in the room.
I could feel his presence
his smell.
I knew his hair
then suddenly,he was no more.
Just as I suspected
my ex boyfriend won’t let me be.
I suffered the heat of his rage
his punches
his jealousy and hatred for my only child.
I couldn’t cope no more
so I killed him.
The son of a bitch
didn’t deserve to live
and I made sure his death was painful.
It is known
that what we love most
can be used to kill us
and food was my weapon
 I poisoned him!
I sat on the bed
the blanket over my chest
my heart in my mouth.
Switched on the bedside lamp
took the Bible which was
beside the bed
doing the sign of the cross with it.
Oh,how religious I was
praying over a curse
I brought on my self.
Scared of death
but not scared to kill.
The shadow walked pass my room
my fiance’s favourite tea cup in its hand
heading towards the sitting room.
My fiance spends the weekend
in my house most times
and when he does
he usually had tea in the sitting room
 while working on a project.
This was getting complicating
Why will my ex ghost use my fiance’s tea cup?
I decided to find out what was going on
so I started walking towards the sitting room.
The corridor was long
and it seemed like ages
before I could see the sitting room door.
Slow music playing at the background
shocked because I never listen to such.
As I took each step
it felt like I was being followed.
There was no one around
but I noticed footprint with blood
and it belonged to me.
I gasped in terror
as blood was dripping
from within my clothes
rolling down my legs
to my feet.
I looked behind me quickly
Lo and behold
I saw my fiance starring at me.
What was he doing here
“James”I screamed
so it was him all along
he was using my ex image to hunt me
even in my dreams.
Was this why my parents
never supported my pending union
to James?
 He walked towards me
an evil smile on his face
changing his form
from the handsome man
whom I loved
to an old man
with sharp teeth and claws
a walking stick in his hand
coming aggressively to me.
Holding the wall
I tried running
but I was bleeding profusely
I was left with no strength
my vision became blurry.
I looked back for the last time
he had a face of a horrible creature
tongue sticking out
his hands dripping with blood
beckoning me to come.
I knew better to die in the hands of another
than this tormentor.
I made it to the sitting room
went to the cupboard and picked a knife
it was my only hope.
When he appeared right in my face
about to have the pleasure
of killing me
I didn’t give him the honour.
With my last breath
strength and scream
I plunge the knife into his heart.
I thought I had won
only for him to let out
a sarcastic laugh and yelled
“I can’t die baby.”
A slap from him made me
partially blind
and I payed him back by stabbing
him in his eye.
He groaned in pain
while I crawled to the kitchen
to get more weapons.
He walked into the kitchen
the knife still stucked in his eye
what a sight to behold.
The sound of plates breaking
music playing
the beast and I yelling
must have been heard by my neighbours
as they came banging the door
and finally broke in.
My fiance had vanished
while I stood in the middle
of a scattered house
with a knife in my hand
my clothes torn
body dripping with blood.
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