The curtains of darkness stretched over the city with a thickness that invited fear to those of good cheer…
Poppins By Victor Okpukpan
The curtains of darkness stretched over the city with a thickness that invited fear to those of good cheer. The constant creeks of softwood, and rustling sound of dried leaves accompanied the brooding nature of the night. The moon in her fullness overlooked the earth, casting a feint glow upon the Terra firma.
Birds and creatures alike were sleeping, paying no heed to the feeling the night gave off, because it was same as always for them— They would either hunt, or be hunted — Thus their drowsiness came in manifold, and in the next moment, sleep had overtook them.
Detroit wasn’t a place to be at a time like this. Either you stayed off the streets, or you went in knowing that you’d be jumped at one point, and within reason, you could defend yourself. Other than that, you would be helpless.
Even fear could be sentient, working on its own like it had its own mind. People would think this to be the ramblings of fools, but in a darkened edifice in a secluded area, this sentient fear was birthed into Mrs. Poppins. Fear could not describe the horrific images that had plagued her mind as she lay propped up against a wall hidden within her shoe closet. Her husband had been one of a kind, and she cried as she remembered the first time they had met. She had wondered just like any other woman would have done, where he had come from. She had done this blindly because he was kind and affectionate towards her, up until now.
The angels had not prepared her for this revelation, that the man she had fell in love with was a murder weapon, sent to earth from another dimension— something she thought was impossible.
For ages the talks had been circulating that there might be an alternate dimension where people like them also existed, but she had waved it off. Now she lay hidden, hopping against all hope that her man wouldn’t find her. She had stumbled upon his transporter, a remote like device that had helped shift him from dimension to dimension, and he had been watching wide eyes, appalled that his secret had been revealed, and in order to preserve the timeline, he had opted to killing her.
“Come on out honey~” he cooed, searching calmly for the wife he would murder without hesitation. No, he would silence her.
A well built man, Mr. Kane was 6’4 in height and probably weighed more than a ton.
Opening doors calmly, Kane finally arrived at the closet, and pushing against it, it wouldn’t budge.
“I know you’re in there, woman! Come out and make this easy for me!!”, his voice had changed. No more was he trying to lure her out, as he had found her hiding spot. But no sound came from within, and Kane had gone in, shoving the door down with his shoulder.
What happened next was unexpected. The lights suddenly came on, and stung Kane in the eyes for a moment, but before he could recover, something hard struck him across the face, sending him into the rack of shoes that lay at his left. A searing pain shot through him, and whilst he had covered his right eye to soothe the pain, he had seen Poppins escape, but he didn’t mind. She had no way to go, but for the moment, he just screamed.
Poppins ran frantically around the house, trying to find her way to her kids room. She hadn’t wanted to draw attention to herself, so instead of running, she had tiptoed through the house.
She had almost made it there when all of a sudden, the lights had gone off. Instantly, she begun to panic. Using the walls as a compass, she moved warily through the darkness, trying to find her way to the room that housed her sleeping kids.
From around the corner, she heard another door open behind her, and the scream of a child as she was dragged away. Poppins whipped herself around, and beneath the gloomy darkness, her eyes widened in renewed fear as she knew that he had gotten her daughter. But that was just one, she mused. Rushing into the room adjacent from that, she opened up and found her way to the table which always lay close to the door in that room. Feeling on it, she had come in contact with an object, and she immediately knew what it was. Picking it up, she put on the torch, and the sight before her made the torch drop from her hands.
Tied and gagged up on a chain was a bloody faced Ian; her son.
Moving towards the male, Poppins couldn’t scream. She just kept on walking. Closing her arms around the boy, she wept into his neck. For minutes, she had remained in that position, crying soundlessly until no tear dared to drop from her eyes again. It was then that she rose, picked up the torch, and looked for anything that could be a weapon. She found a metal rod of about 3 inches, and she took it.
Kyle had arrived in the artic with his daughter who was now gagged up with a dirty sock. He had tied the struggling child to a chair, and was now sitting opposite her.
‘Women were always the feistiest.’ ,he thought.
He knew Poppins would come. He knew she would check all the rooms in that house, and even the basement. The basement would have been a good spot to trap her, but he needed more time. He needed time to mend his wounds, stop the bleeding, get accustomed to the pain. And so it was that when he was done, a make shift eye patch on his right eye, he had heard footsteps coming up the ladder that had been dropped just moments ago, and he smiled.
Poppins had seen the ladder, dragged it down from its spot on the ceiling, and made to climb it. She had searched the whole house, and none of them had been seen. This was the last place she would check. Whilst searching the other rooms, she had tried to call the cops, but the line had been severed, and her phone was no where to be found. She was alone in this.
Climbing the ladder to the top, she opened the hatchway, and entered slowly, pointing her torch everywhere before going in. As she entered, she saw Julia tied up and  struggling against the ropes. She had rushed to her, and in a bid to untie her, she had dropped her weapon, but still held on to the torch. Removing the dirty sock from Julia’s mouth, she tried to soothe the shaking girl while she tugged at the ropes.
“Mum watch out!”, Julia warned.
Heeding to her words, she had turned her head around, just in time to miss the knife that sailed past her. Wide-eyed, she heard the sound of crunching bone, and she froze. Behind her, Julia had gone limp. Turning around to look at her daughter, Poppins used her hands to stifle a scream. Right in front of her, a knife was stuck on the forehead of Julia, and blood was seeping out of the penetration. In that time of surprised fear, Kyle had gotten behind her and had grabbed at her neck. Poppins struggle to escape the sleeper hold, but no. Kyle was too strong. something had hit her left ass cheek, and she remembered the rod. Freeing Kyle’s hands, she grabbed at the metal, and using all her strength, whacked him across the head, and gasped for breath when his hands had left her neck. Looking up at him, she knew there would be no time to waste. Grabbing the rod firmly, she raised it over her head and brought it down with the support of both her arms. Blood spurted around her as the rod had found its place embedded in the neck of Kyle. The male couldn’t scream, neither could he smile. He just dropped dead… Lifeless.

Poppins was alone. She couldn’t cry, neither did she want to. She just grieved on and while she sat on the floorboards of the artic, the sound of police sirens could be heard outside.

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