The very day jane steped into her uncle’s house to live with her aunt,she knew that she had fallen into big trouble.And the trouble couldn’t be from anywhere else but … .

”Goodnite uncle”
”Good nite dear,sweet dreams”

As she went out of the sitting room,she felt something was not right.She wished her aunt was at home,but if wishes were horses beggars would have ride.Aunt omotola had left for a special women congress meeting that night.

Sitting cross legged in the sitting room,jamespaul couldn’t concentrate on the laptop he was working on.After about an hour of lack of concentration,he made up his mind,stood up,walked through the hallway,and went into jane’s room.


He tightly shut the door behind him.Jane was surprised by the sound of her door being shut and as the room was dark she couldn’t see who it was as she lay on the bed.

”Who’s there?”,she asked fearfully.

”Be calm jane,its me your uncle james”

”Oww,uncle james…”

”Listen jane,i can’t take this anymore,both of us are adults,i will be plain,no need beating about the bush,i really wanna make love to you jane”

”What?,no please uncle james,that won’t be a good thing to do to my aunt…”

  • She was cut short by jamespaul kiss.He pushed his tongue deep.He spent almost an hour in her mouth before he began to lick her eyes,nose,face,down to her throat as he undressed her.Jane felt out of the world by the kisses and helpless.Jamespaul fingers traveled down her her prized region ,his four fingers dwelt on her clitoris for a while before spreading her legs,his manhood stood for a while at the entrance of her heavenly hole,before sinking in.She was so tight and hot.He thrusted slowly,taking time not to spill his seed.
  • Jane kept moaning .To jamespaul his wife was nothing compared to her sister’s daughter,he never knew a woman could be so sweet as this.Jane had a thousand of multiple orgasms before the seed was spilt.And when jamespaul did spill his seed he felt as if he just came out of a pool.
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