(Book 1 of the Taste and Color of Love Series) Xavier Morreti does not like people with brown skins, not because of their color or race… But because of what one did to him two years ago. The pain and anguish one caused his two years ago… His slight dislike for black people doesn’t make him go running around pursuing them with pitchforks and knives and it doesn’t make him foolish, either. Obviously, he knows he needs them if he wants his million dollar company to grow. So you know what he did? He tolerates them; puts on a ‘everything is okay just go back to work’ facade anytime he sees his racial employees. He acts like the face of any black person he sees doesn’t take the form of the woman of two years ago. Except one. Meet Natalie Deserue, a depressed woman that doesn’t only know how to work the hips but the heart too. She craves one thing she never had. Love. After surviving an abusive relationship, she goes bankrupt then resort into stripping… Where she meets the billionaire racist who takes her home one night and licks the melanin off her skin. But good things don’t come easy, right? Right. All it takes for her momentary happiness to shatter is just a crazy psychotic ex and her naive mind.

Chapter 1: A mistake


It was all a mistake.


Her birth, her puberty, her maturity, her relationship, was all a mistake. It was never meant to happen.


All her life, Natalie had always tried to make everyone happy. Tried to fit in. Tried to feel loved. But why couldn’t it just happen? Why was it that every time she always felt a chance at happiness, they’d see a bad in her? Like her wide hip, her stretch marks, her undying need for cuddles after sex.


It was all disgusting. That made her disgusting. Even Joel never failed to remind her that everyday. Every. Single. Day.


Joel McGrew, her boyfriend of four years with whom she currently lives with, is a two-headed snake of a bastard. But Natalie loves him. With all her body and probably her heart. He was her world. He loved her too.


If giving her a black eye, a swollen clit and swollen breasts were his ways of showing how much he loved her, then she would accept it wholeheartedly.


But his misgivings were a mistake, right? Right.


Natalie stares longingly at the ceiling as if wishing for the cement and planks to fall on her face and put a end to her miserable life. She lies sprawled on the floor.


Blood trickles down from the huge gash on her forehead. It wasn’t huge enough to scar but was huge enough to cause pain, and that was what Natalie felt. Pain. The emotional was overriding the physical, day by day. Her body felt like it is glued on the cold tiled floor, maybe because of laying on the floor since when Joel left.


But, you know what? It is okay. My boyfriend loves me, she thought. It had been, yet again, a mistake. Joel came back drunk and asked for sex, which Natalie would have gladly given if she wasn’t so sore and ached bad. And right there and then, he didn’t have to go to the gym.


She remains on the cold floor some more before she wills her body to move from the floor to the attic where she gets cleaning materials to clean off the blood from the floor, according to Joel’s words; “Clean this floor because it’s more expensive than 15 of you, freak.” Then he stormed out. That was 3 hours ago.


After she is done, she decides to get prepared for work. She lets down her long curly hair-that stops below her butt-hoping that it would cover her now bandaged temple. And it did, as usual. She dresses in her work clothes then rides her bicycle down to the restaurant she waits for, but that was not after preparing lunch because if she didn’t, Joel would flip and probably finish the job this time.


“Good morning Mr. O’Connor.” Natalie politely fakes a smile at her 53-year old employer.


Dante O’Connor flashes a big smile to his favorite employees before handing her her name-tag.

“Natalie! Dear, it’s afternoon already! You came quite late today, your shift started 4 minutes ago.” He playfully scolded.


Natalie’s eyes widens. She is going to be fired. She just knows. But how was it possible? She made sure she cycled three times faster than usual just to get there on time. But, she wasn’t even fast enough to save herself from her sack letter.


“Mr. O’Connor, I swear I’m so sorry! I…I…I tried my best sir, I woke up late and I drove so fast to get-”


Dante stops her from her ranting with a wave of the hand. “Nonsense! I was just joking Natalie, Gosh, you’re so uptight.” Dante’s lip juts out in a fake pout. He rather looked comical.


Natalie feels herself relaxing.

“Thank you so much Mr. O’Connor! I swear it won’t happen again!”


“Yeah, yeah, I’m so cool you don’t have to tell me. Anyways, you’ll be working on the counter with Corrine today since Jenna already took your spot.” Natalie takes a bow of thanks before scurrying away to the counter.


“Hey Natalie!” Corrine’s bubbly self leans towards Natalie to give her a hug but Natalie stylishly moves out of the way. Corrine notices this but doesn’t say anything.


“Hey Corrine, good afternoon.” Natalie replies with a tone that says she doesn’t wanna speak anymore.


It wasn’t like Natalie hated her job or her colleagues. No, quite the opposite. She loves her job and her colleagues are super friendly. But she isn’t the social butterfly like Corrine or Monika, the cook.


“Hello. Good afternoon, welcome to D&Js, can I take your order?”


That was how it was till her shift ended. The constant hustle and bustle of the people of New York gave the restaurant a homely feeling, and for a second, Natalie thinks it is okay because she loves her job and her boyfriend and what happened today, was just a mistake…


That’ll definitely repeat itself…




Chapter 2: CEO Business

“Oh fuck!” The blonde screams as she bounces yet again on his flaccid rod. Her mouth widens in a silent scream as she came for the fourth time even if the man she was pleasuring didn’t come once.

When she came down from her high, she climbs down from his lap and then scowls when she sees his rod is still flat. Of course, any woman would be frustrated. She is the best in the business and Tony assured that she would give him release but… the same result.

Briana frowns deeply before she gathers her clothes and runs to the door. She is met with a hopeful Tony who already had a huge smile on his face.

“I swear that man has no testosterone!” Then she stomps out.

“Your balance is going into your account right now. It’s nice doing business with you.” The strange man briskly walks out, brushing the manager’s shoulder as he moved.

There is something about the way he walked. It is kind of compelling. His mere gaze commands obedience and attention. His squared and sharp shoulder blades hung high. The ripples of his chest could be seen through his white dress shirt accompanied by his navy blue Armani suit.

Xavier Morreti is the stereotypic billionaire CEO. He fits the perfect drop-dead gorgeous playboy who could get whatever he wanted with the snap of his finger. All this were true, except for one thing. He couldn’t get ‘everything’ he wanted. He wants release, badly. Release, both sexually and emotionally. He is almost desperate. His manhood would hurt once in a while. He had even gone to the hospital for a checkup but they say nothing wrong. He is bothered.

“Straight home, Leo.” Xavier instructs his driver, who nods before starting the car and driving away from the strip-club.

It is another of his timely visit to LowiSe. He doesn’t know why he keeps going there when he gets the same result. This frustration was slowly turning into anger and Xavier knows that too well. His strong calculative eyes stares out through his tinted window. His eyes catches the name of a small diner with a big ‘D&Js’ on top, he frowns deeply in disgust when he sees a black woman with long hair disposing trash in the large trash can.

After a few minutes, Leo announces their arrival to the magnificent penthouse. Xavier is not in any way lonely. No, he just loves his privacy. No one knows where his room is, not even Leo or his grandma. He is like an enigma.

“Welcome home Mr. Xavier,” Maria, Xavier’s irregular cook and housekeeper, pauses in her dusting and greets a tired Xavier, who waves his hand in apprehension.

He goes to his private elevator that is exclusively used by him and no one else. When he reaches the underground floor, he steps out and immediately starts taking off his clothes in order to wash off the traces of the professional whore’s ministrations.

He takes an unnecessarily long bath, soaking himself in the lukewarm water while absentmindedly stroking his aching rod. When was the last time he got release? 2 years? Yeah, it was that serious.

He sighs before pushing away his strawberry blonde shoulder length hair from his eyes. After some time, he remembers that Maria will soon come to announce his lunch was ready, so he steps out and doesn’t bother to cover himself. Sweet freedom.

A wave of fatigue rushes over him. He tells Maria-through the intercom-that he would be skipping lunch and dinner and wishes her a good night.


“I’m home.” Natalie wishes there was more enthusiasm in her tone.

Joel pops his head from the kitchen where he just finished eating dinner. “Hey piece of shit, dinner was good today. The kitchen is dirty, go clean it up.”

“Joel… I…um…please I’m so tired. I’ll clean up after I take a nap. Please?” Nat stutters.

Joel stops in his tracks, turns around dramatically, his brows almost touching the ceiling.
“Bitch whatcha say?”

Joel takes a step forward which causes Natalie to take three backwards, one isn’t foolproof.

“Um…nothing! Nothing!” Nat squeaks in fear. She could feel her heart beating in her ears. She is terrified, nothing new. Work has been so stressful behind the counter. Orders came in non-stop and it was like the universe was toying with her.

“I thought so, bitch.” Joel spits at her, literally. The blob of spit lands on the right side of her nose.

Nat finally lets out a sigh when Joel leaves the kitchen, not before breaking a coffee mug. Yup, that’s my boyfriend, she thinks with a wince.

She drops her small bag then heads to the wash sink to wash off the disgusting liquid on her face. The dirty dishes were not supposed to be many but Joel made sure to add some clean plates, therefore adding more stress to her already miserable life.

Clearing the dishes takes longer than usual. Maybe it was because Joel adamantly refused to buy a dishwasher. A tired Nat stumbles to the bedroom she shares with her boyfriend, who is already snoring. A small smile stretches on Nat’s shaky lip, she goes in to the bathroom to take a shower.

She considers taking a long bath where she’d possibly fall asleep and slip on the tiles and crack her skull open. She shakes her head in order to get rid of negative thoughts.

She comes out wrapped in a blue hard towel. Joel never allows her to use any of the white fluffy towels, he’d always say she’ll stain them. She goes to her side of the closet and picks out a pyjamas set and blankets. You’d be wondering why she wasn’t wearing his T-shirt to sleep or all those romantic shit. Joel will never allow it.

So, she places as many blankets on the floor then lies on it, snuggling to it while staring at the lump on the large queen-sized bed.

“Goodnight Joe.”

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