Sometimes people you trust aren’t actually who they are.
The Alien Within By Idorenyin Ebong
There was a viral video on the internet about alien-like humans dropping into our country in a spaceship. The FBI had looked into the matter and they assured the public that everything was under control. Pfft! Were aliens really real. In my seventh grade I did a research on aliens and I found out that a special type of aliens were identified by a mole in between their index and middle finger and they had a half moon sign on their chest.
I stood in front of Liam’s house. Liam is my fiance. I pressed the doorbell and the door opened.
‘Hey babe, I was about to shower’ Liam’s eyes still checking out my body.
#1 mistake: wearing any sexual appalling clothes to his house
Pushing my way inside his house, I made for his bedroom
‘Well I’ll wait for you’ I said
He got into his bathroom and I scanned his room and saw a journal lying on table. Woah! Maybe I can just take a peak since he didn’t like telling me his  secrets. I opened the journal and read it. I froze. There was a writing of a sort of plan for an attack.
Flipping more of the pages, I realized that Liam is an alien
The bathroom door opened. ‘I’m done baby’
‘No stay away from me’ I screamed. Just then I knew I fucked up. In horror movies the hero upon realization of a secret would just play cool but no, my little-girl mentality didn’t let me.
Liam turned and saw his journal open and he brought back his eyes to mine, his eyes were filled with rage. ‘You read that right?’ He gestured towards the journal. ‘You want answers’ with that, he transformed to his alien form. ‘Any human who knows this should be dead’
‘No no no no’ my voice was shaky. ‘Yes yes yes yes’ he replied. In one swift move I ran out of the room and he chased me. I ran to the front door but it was locked. ‘There’s no running away for you babe, we aliens are faster and stronger than humans’ he changed back to his human form. I removed my diamond bracelet. Aliens couldn’t withstand.
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