After being all hyped up about Jeff, turns out Jeff has some skeletons in his cupboard.


  If anyone could define excitement, it was what I was feeling as Jeff, my fiancee, pulled up his brown Convertible in the driveway.
    Meeting Jeff during a friend’s party three months ago had been the best thing that had happened to me. He was the perfect husband – spick and spanly affluent, calm, confident and goodlooking. When he proposed to me, I could hardly believe it and my “yes, I will”,  had been louder than any other lady’s proposal answer.
   And now, here was december. He had asked me to spend the christmas vacation in his house, something my mother would never approve of, even though she had consented to our engagement.
   So, this was Jeff’s house. This huge, white duplex with a nice driveway. I tried to keep calm, although the excitement inside me was bubbling. Jeff opened the door – so gentlemanly, then lifted my box out of the trunk.
  He gave me one of those his charming smiles – that  smile that had knocked me off my feet when he asked me out.
  He dragged my box along, as he linked up my arm with his. The door sprang open as he slipped a selected key in.
  “Here is my humble abode, Linda.” He muttered in a charming baritone.
  “Humble?”, I giggled. “This is a mansion Jeff.”
 Truly, it was a mansion. The leather was made of the finest fur and the furniture shone. He gave me a tour around the building, which consisted of eight bedrooms in all. I wished my best friend, Gina, was here to see all these.
  I dropped my bag in the room I was to share with Jeff, then changed up into a loose flowing gown.
  “Baby,” Jeff breezed in, he had shed his suit and was now dressed in a white T-shirt and cap. “We have a dinner get together today at work. There’s every tendency that I might be, no need for dinner, okay?” A peck followed the brief explanation, then I heard the warm sound of the engine as the car sped out of the compound.
  I smiled, then jumped unto the king sized bed. Surely, Jeff was for keeps!
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