Far away in the land of stone
Tree of Knowledge
Far away in the land of stone,
Clouds surrounded the castle.
A wolf alone
Slaughtered for the ferocious hunger
Of those villagers.
On the order,they kill.
On the sword, they feel.
Those who dare defy the king
For them would be arranged
The greatest ever punishment
Young prince Ali in a castle
Living amongst the dead
Would often scream at nights.
He breathed in those fights,
They had been suffocating.
The opponents would term him as inferior
And that would make the king rage in fury.
Shunned because of this,
Would the demons embrace him in a kiss.
The assigned assassin crumbled within
terrible lots of affection.
In the forests, Ali could discover
Who he really was on the interior.
Gathering herbs and planting roots
Taming the beasts
Breathing against the merciless
Wind, he discovered the tree .
Shuttering through the creeps
That lurked on the ground.
Taking the sour fruit against his lips,
He felt the lies in him slip.
The devil hound
Screamed and screamed
Until the village burnt down.
Honorary and scandalous
Ascent against heavens.
Indeed shall be burnt the flesh
Of the one who released the fruit of knowledge.
Written by-
Sabrina Sazzad
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