I love sea . I always did . There’s something so familiar in it . And at last I found out what .

I love sea.

I’m not a good swimmer, but it feels so familiar when I am around the sea. Glad I live by the sea now. I always went to the beach with my best friend Amy when we are free.

That evening, the sun was already leaving, making the sky look blood red.

Every time I stepped on this shore, things felt so much familiar. Like I’ve stepped on this exact place before. But I came to this town just few months ago. The white foams tickled my feet as I grew nearer to the sea. The more I get closer the more likely it felt.


I’ve been here before. I’m pretty certain now. I closed my eyes as I took few steps towards the sea, letting the waves embrace my ankles.

I’ve been here. I can remember now.

But I was wearing something heavy. Like a bag.

And few people were around, giving me instructions. No. not like this. But they had few setups.

A boat

I was on the boat and – I – can’t remember .

When I opened my eyes, I was halfway through the sea. The waves are now touching my knees.

“Laura, come back. We have to go” shouted Amy from the shore.

“just five minutes ” I shouted back.

I’ve never even seen a real boat. How can I possibly have been here before? But I can’t ignore or think it’s just a hallucination. It all felt so real . And familiar. I felt- I felt like something there deep inside the sea is waiting for my arrival.

I can’t ignore this.

I took few more steps into the sea, hoping my mind will flash more of those memories. Memories I didn’t even know existed.

The wind carried the lovely smell of the sea in it’s cold hands. That smell of the sea . I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I can feel the waves go up and down making my feet shaky. And it make me trip .

I tripped down


When I opened my eyes, it was dark green. Green or blue, I didn’t know . My eyes felt burning, so I closed them

I am drowning

My breath is fighting back, while I kicked so hard to swim up and find the surface.

And then, the memories started flashing. Again.

I was a diver

That day I dived deep down inside the ocean.

But I got my leg stuck in a reef. I failed my mission on collecting rare sea stones .

Because I never went back to the boat I came.

I died.

Under the sea.

I started kicking again and again forcing my full energy.

The breath- I can’t hold more.

I tried to do the same kicking I did last time, as a diver




I didn’t know, but it wasn’t long when I suddenly found the surface and gulped a huge breath. I wasn’t very far from the sea, so I half – swam , half – ran back to the shore.

That was close. I could have died.

I looked around, but Amy was nowhere to be found.

“AMY? ” I shouted

No answer.

I saw few people gathered around in the shore few yards away, like in a hurry.

I ran there, to find Amy crying, and sobbing.

“Amy ! What happened? What’s wrong? ” I asked her, but she was busy crying.

I squeezed into the front through the crowd.

A body

A dead body was lying down in the shore.

It was covered in a white sheet. If Amy’s crying for this, it must be someone I know too.

My whole body went cold.

I bent and removed the sheets away from the dead body’s face.

And there was a girl

When I saw her face, I froze.

That girl-

Is me.

And that’s when I realized that I’ve been a pray of the sea-

Not once,


Twice .

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