Some are born to reign while others live to serve. Zulu!
”Zulu”【A god among us】By sammael said
The high priest shuddered.The women with a mournful air around them,were all gathered around the dead mother.The old men and young boys stood at a distance talking quietly.The women made no cries or sorrowful wails as they were meant to do.They only shook their heads sadly and snapped their fingers at intervals,both old and young.This was really a strange event.Such has never happened ever since makpokara the god of lightening decended from his abode of fire to destroy the ibibaos;the enemy of the…
  The child was laid a little way off from the dead mother.Smiling and giggling at intervals.This was the child that had torn its mothers womb apart and had come into the world on its own without the help of any midwife.
”It must be thrown into the evil forest for the wild  beasts to feast on”.Ma tsuru,the village midwife said for the third time again.
The child in the round woven basket giggled as if mocking her words.
Everybody waited.The high priest had gone to consult the gods.
Suddenly, the high priest came back.The shocked villagers made way for him as he walked towards the child.Getting close,he lifted the child up from the basket towards the sky.
”Behold oh heavens !,the only thing greater than yourself ”,he said.
Turning towards the crowd he said :”Great people of Zonda !Lets all welcome the true one.’Zulu ‘,a god among us”.
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